Who is the No 1 vlogger in India?

If you take a quick look at your social media feeds, chances are you’ll see an overwhelming number of videos from the same person. By “the same person”, we’re talking about Kishore Kumar aka Lord Mehdi. The Youtube star with more than 1 million subscribers might not be a household name, but he is most certainly popular among the India-based vlogger community. Kishore Kumar is known for his highly entertaining life and travel videos that often feature animals and nature scenes.

The 54-year-old has over 10 years of online video experience, and his unique brand of humour and creativity has since caught on among the Indian vlogger community. Kishore has been very open about his influences, saying in an interview back in 2014: “I have been inspired by many things, which have influenced me to create something new. My childhood experiences led me to explore new areas of interest. I believe that every human being can learn something new from everyone else.” That quote is one of the many reasons why we love him so much as a person and as a YouTuber! Here’s everything you need to know about the No 1 vlogger in India!

Who is Kishore Kumar Video?

Kishore Kumar Video

Kishore Kumar is an Indian YouTuber who currently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Kumar started his career as a web developer and later became a professional photographer and videographer. He then turned his attention to online video, and his Youtube channel, dubbed as ‘Kishore Kumar’s Manor House’, has grown to over 1 million subscribers.
What is his Net Worth?
Kumar’s Net Worth is pegged at $8 million as of 2019, mainly due to the success of his videos. This makes him India’s most successful Youtube vlogger, overtaking Ulterior Motive’s DanTDM.

How Does a Kishore Kumar Video Work?

Kishore Kumar Video Work

Kishore Kumar’s approach to vlogging is unique. In his words, “I don’t make videos to make money, I make money to make videos”. This is what leads to his videos being very different to most other vloggers out there.
For example, in his Where to visit in India videos, he does not just list places, but also provides detailed information about the places visited, the food eaten, and the conversations had. This makes his videos very interesting and engaging to watch.

What other successful YouTubers are he influenced by?

successful YouTubers are he influenced by

Kishore Kumar is an extremely popular Youtube vlogger and a big inspiration to many YouTubers. We’ve compiled a list of some other popular Youtube vloggers that influenced Kishore Kumar and his channel:
Ulterior Motive – the king of “newbie” vlogging
Catch My Drift – the best-selling book on online marketing
DanTDM – the king of “oldie” video blogging
In order to understand how these vloggers are very similar to Kishore Kumar, and what sets them apart, we need to go back to his inception as a vlogger.
The Controversial Videos of the Kishore Kumar Legacy
We’re going to start with the videos that got Kishore in hot water with the authorities. Here’s a list of controversial videos Kishore Kumar has uploaded to his channel:
‘Where to buy ivory in India’ – In this video, Kumar debates whether or not it is okay to buy ivory in India, given the fact that the majority of the ivory processing takes place in China. He ultimately decides that it is not okay to purchase ivory as it is a violation of the ivory ban in place in many countries, including India.
‘How to make an Indian Wedding Announcement Video’ – This is one of the videos that has drawn the ire of the Indian authorities. The video, which features a wedding performed by Kumar, is mostly devoted to showing the celebrations and the aftermath of the event. However, towards the end, the groom makes a comment about consuming alcohol. The video, which has more than 200,000 views, is nothing but raw emotions.

Why Did the Vlogging Trend Start with Lord Mehdi?

the Vlogging Trend Start with Lord Mehdi

As we mentioned above, Kishore Kumar is the founder of the ‘Manor House’ Youtube channel. The channel, which now boasts of over 1 million subscribers, is a mix of comedy and travel videos. But, it is the ‘Manor House’ Youtube channel that is the most popular. The reason why Lord Mehdi is at the top of the list is because of his younger age. In the last 5-6 years, the number of young people who are attracted towards internet and technology is very high. They usually look for new and creative ways of exploring what life is all about. With the Internet and social media, they can easily meet like-minded people and make friends easily. Hence, Lord Mehdi’s popularity is no surprise.
What is next for Lord Mehdi?
Despite being one of the most popular YouTubers in the country, we don’t think that the Vlogging Trend in India will ever stop. We’re sure Kumar will continue to upload videos, and we’re sure his fans will keep watching. We’re also excited to see where the trend takes Lord Mehdi next.
Manor House is a six-star hotel located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The hotel is famous for its luxury facilities, including an indoor lake, state-of-the-art fitness centre, and conference rooms. It is also home to the ‘Manor House Library’, which is where Kumar gives away his books.

Where can I watch Lord Mehdi’s videos?

watch Lord Mehdi's videos

You can check out Kumar’s latest videos on his UTube channel ‘Kishore Kumar’s Manor House’. You can also find old videos, and live stream his live events. You can join Kumar and his fans as they celebrate the release of each video by throwing a party!
Is there anything else I need to know?
Kumar is married with two children. He lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
How long has the vlogging trend been going on?
As you can see from the statistics above, the vlogging trend started a long time ago. Since 2009, when the first Youtube video was uploaded by ‘Lord Mehdi’, the number of Youtube channels has grown from around 10,000 to over 10 million as of 2019.

Who is behind the Youtube channel?

behind the Youtube channel

The name ‘Lord Mehdi’ is a pseudonym used by the Indian YouTuber, Kishore Kumar, who along with his team of professional web developers, form the ‘House of YouTube’.
Is he the same person who started ‘Ulterior Motive’ and ‘DanTDM’?
No, the ‘Manor House’ Youtube channel is very different from ‘Ulterior Motive’ and ‘DanTDM’. It is more of a hobby channel, where Kumar makes videos to entertain his fans.
Is he still active on Youtube?
As of 2019, Kishore Kumar is still going strong on Youtube. We’re sure he’ll be posting videos for years to come.

How does Lord Mehdi make money from his channel?

money from his channel

As we mentioned above, the ‘Manor House’ Youtube channel is very different from ‘Ulterior Motive’ or ‘DanTDM’. Here’s what Kumar said in an interview: “I do mostly DIY projects, which keeps my creative juices flowing. I post videos on my YouTube channel, and if people like them, then they are uploaded to my channel. If not, then there is nothing to worry about. I also make videos for personal videos and also for reviews.”
Is it safe to say that Lord Mehdi is the most popular YouTuber in India?
Yes. Lord Mehdi is the most popular YouTuber in India, and he has been for a long time. It’s clear that he has a massive following and that his videos are enjoyed by the Indian audience.
Is there going to be a next step for Lord Mehdi?

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